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I’m Shannon Brandao, and welcome to China Boss News where I sum up the week’s most important China news from my LinkedIn feed of over 80 weekly posts - that’s over 4000 news articles a year!

I'm an American attorney and a long-time China watcher, having studied Chinese language, politics and economics for three decades. My LinkedIn posts are a collection of my research on covid19 recovery, China-related business and geopolitical trends, as well as new ways of understanding China.

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The geopolitical dimension of China business is changing at lightning speed. As I’ve discovered over the past year of posting thousands of critical China-related news stories on LinkedIn, it’s easy to get lost in the 24/7 news cycle. So, I created China Boss News to keep track of the larger trends that can be pulled from all that information to draw conclusions about where things may be headed next. It’s a tough job, but some China Boss has to do it!


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